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Rep Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) was arrested outside the White House while engaging in protest against US immigration policies. They were conducting a sit-down protest on a sidewalk and when asked by police officers to leave the area refused to do so.

Sgt. David Schlosser, US Park Police spokesperson, said that the Illinois Congressman was amongst those arrested last Tuesday. He and others were arrested for disobeying an official order. They were subsequently released after payment of a $100 fine.

This was the second time the Congressman was arrested. Gutierrez was also arrested back in May 2010 for a similar demonstration. This time, he joined other Hispanic civil rights activists at Lafayette Park.

Gutierrez himself is of immigrant descent, with grandparents from Puerto Rico. He was the first Latino descent representative elected to office from the Midwest. He is also recognized as the national leader on comprehensive immigration reform. He is now on his tenth term and is one of the major proponents of the DREAM Act.

In the protest, Gutierrez criticized the President for laying the blame on the Republicans on the hill for the current immigration reform impasse. According to him, Obama has the power to curtail immigration deportation with deep roots in the United States.