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A new proposal in the Springfield Sister Cities Association Board has caused a rift between members of the community. The proposal, which requires business in the governed area to use the E-Verify system has been met with protests by other members of the community.

Members of the Latino community have called the proposal biased and even racist. Because of the racial profiling involved, many legal immigrants have been placed on bad light regarding the legality of their stay in the United States.

The proposal was brought forth by the Ozarks Minutemen after an initiative petition of 2,100 signatures was filed with the board. The community is awaiting with bated breath as to the outcome of the voting on the board, as many see that there is an even split in the supporters and oppositionists to the measure.

Despite the lofty aims, the measure has already been tainted.

This sentiment is echoed in other communities. In another area, Western North Carolina has become simmering cauldron of immigration sentiment. This stems from current federal laws that have been used by the sheriff’s department to deport over four hundred individuals from the area in the last three years.

Advocates for the Latino community though has criticized the program as individuals legally in the country without criminal backgrounds have been subjected to arrest and review. The law specifically allows police officers to arrest illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds and subject them to incarceration and removal proceedings.

The program is Secure Communities. Despite the lofty aims, innocent individuals who have no criminal records and have established community ties with legal employment have also been deported. Critics have said that the program has been misused and has put many legal immigrants in bad light.

The praise and the criticisms continue as the immigration reform program trudges on.