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Last Aug.20, 2011, Matthew J. Denice was riding his motorcycle when a car struck him and dragged his body for quarter of a mile. While his body lay on the pavement, he was run over by the car that struck him.

The driver of the car was Nicholas Guaman, a native of Ecuador. He has a previous record for burglary and assault of a police officer. He is now in custody pending charges of motor vehicle homicide, DUI and driving without a license.

One of the residents, Verne Thayer said during the memorial service, “All of this could have been prevented if we just enforced the laws we have.” She added, “It’s wrong, just wrong, because our politicians want to be politically correct. If Guaman had been deported the first time, these people would still have their son.”

This was the landscape the death of Denice has brought upon the community. One of the major flashpoints is Governor Davel Patrick’s continued refusal to be part of Secure Communities, the federal program that requires police officers to submit criminal suspect’s fingerprints to a federal database. With the submission, illegal immigrants can be weeded out. For his part, Patrick has made granting state privileges to illegal immigrants as part of his platform. His rationale is that crimes should be handled separately from immigration issues and has continuously called for immigration reform.

On another note, the uncle of President Obama was recently arrested for DUI. Like Guaman, Onyango Obama was an illegal alien. What has made the case more sensational is that the elder Obama had a Social Security Number despite not having the proper immigration credentials.

The White House has made a statement on the matter. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “President Obama expects his uncle’s deportation case to be treated like any other immigration matter.” They added, “Onyango Obama, 67, who is originally from Kenya, is the half brother of the president’s late father, who was rarely in the President’s life.”

Critics such as Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform said, “It demonstrates what a mockery our immigration law has become.” He added, “Once immigrants get here, they can beat the system, they can ignore deportation orders. They can drag things out endlessly on appeal.”