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According to the latest government census from the Mexican government, the number of Mexican emigrants have opted to return to their homeland from the United States has increased over the last half decade to nearly one million.

Mr. Rene Zenteno Quintero, the deputy secretary of Population, Migration and Religious Affairs, said in a press conference that this figure was 2.7 times higher than the last census taken in 2000.

He also noted that the number of Mexicans seeking to immigrate to the United States has gone down. There is currently a net zero balance between emigrants and immigrants returning to Mexico. He called this a historic moment.

The office attributed the situation to a number of factors, such as the U.S. recession since 2008 and lower expectations for economic recovery. The situation has been exacerbated with the hostile environment toward illegal immigrants. He called out the over a million deportees that the Obama administration has sent together with the negativity espoused on immigrants both in the media and in communities.

This sentiment is echoed by activist groups that work with immigrant communities. They noted the promises made by the then Obama campaign to enact a comprehensive immigration reform policy that upon assumption to office remains to be just another campaign promise unfulfilled. These activists also noted the greater militarisation under the Obama presidency. This together with the greatest number of deportees since the 1930’s serves as a cooling effect for Mexicans seeking greener pastures in the United States.

It is hoped that the next presidential election would be beneficial for the immigrant community as a whole, not just Mexicans. After all, the Mexican government pegs immigrant remittances as the number two source of revenue after oil exports.