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In a recent report, the Obama administration deported nearly 400,000 individuals from the United States. The number of deportations increased because of the inclusion of crimes committed, from traffic violations and DUI.

According to the report, a total of 393,000 were deported with fifty percent of these deported individuals were considered as criminal offenders. Broken down, seven percent were deported for traffic violations, twenty three percent were for drug violations and fourteen percent were for DUI violations.

According to some quarters, the focus on minor criminal offenses as part of the immigration dragnet questions the current administrations promise to deport only the most dangerous criminal offenders. This is the promise made by President Obama, as it targets the “worst of the worst” and not those individuals who came to the United States for work.

For its part, the Obama administration says the report is inaccurate as most of the “worst of the worst” are currently in jail and have not been deported. These, they say, are not properly reflected in the provided statistics. According to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said, “The most serious offenders are still in prison. We are not going to see them reflected in the numbers until we can begin to remove them.”