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Our website,  is an Immigration site for The Law Offices of David A. Lluis. Our web services caters to immigration issues and  discusses comprehensively matters on Immigration Laws and questions related to immigration proceedings and legal consequences for non compliance of immigration laws, which only experienced Immigration Attorneys equipped with understanding and exposed to actual practices can expertly thrashed out immigration problems. Processing of visa application is a very complicated process where only skilled Immigration Attorneys can adequately protect the interest of immigrants and nonimmigrants under the U.S. immigration laws.

Pulitzer Prize Winner is an Illegal Alien

For fifteen years, Jose Antonio Vargas has kept a secret that would have changed his life. Now that he is a Pulitzer Prize winner as a journalist, he has undertaken a new cause, now much nearer to his heart and that is fighting for the plight of undocumented aliens in...

Pro-Mexican Immigration Moves Get Boost

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund held its annual gala award ceremony was graced with full time commitments from luminaries in both government and the silver screen. Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria presented a prize to current Labor Secretary...

Obama Visits Puerto Rico

President Obama’s visit to Puerto Rico marks the first time a president would make a state visit to the islands in the last fifty years. Many view this as a political jaunt to gather more votes with the increasing Puerto Rican presence in the many states. On the other...

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