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There is now a new debate brewing with a recommendation towards immigration reform. Senator Lindsay Graham (R-South Carolina) and Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York), in a new bill filed, included a system requiring the biometric security card for all citizens and immigrants.

The fine print of this proposal would be the storage of important work authorization information on the card individually but not in any Government data warehouse. In essence, individuals with the proper work authorizations need not be verified in a central database but they would be able to bring the data themselves wherever they go. As a consequence though, illegal immigrants would be unable to find work without the required biometric card and it would be easier to identify employers with illegal immigrant workforces.

This system also would enable tax authorities to properly monitor and assess the right taxes to those authorized to work. This would enable proper taxation for those working and limit the under the table or unreported workers that avoid payment of taxes for their incomes.

The Senators have met with President Obama on this proposal and such plan was considered as “promising” towards immigration reform. This would only be one part of a full plethora of undertakings for immigration reform, which would include expanding border security, greater policing of illegals, amnesty for illegal immigrants and grants and benefits to others.

This has been one of a long line of national ID cards already proposed beforehand. There are also logistical as well as financial issues concerning such a massive plan. Until such issues are addressed, immigration reform is still a long ways off for all.