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In North Carolina, ten individuals, all of them undocumented were arrested and subsequently released on both. The Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office said that in consonance with its internal policy, it screens everyone arrested. Out of the fifteen protestors arrested, ten were found to be undocumented aliens.

All ten undocumented aliens did not have criminal records and the ICE did not request for detainers to be placed on the arrested individuals. All ten would be appearing in court in October to face misdemeanor charges of civil disobedience and impeding traffic.

Detainers are requests issued by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials on local officials to hold undocumented individuals while immigration decides on whether these would be subject to removal proceedings.

Domenic Powell, spokesperson for the North Carolina Dream Team, lauded the ten arrested individuals as all of them knowingly risked deportation because of their illegal status. The North Carolina Dream Team is a youth group that seeks benefits under the failed DREAM Act, such as allowing undocumented youth the opportunity to gain legal status after completion of two years of college or service in the military.