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In a recent speech, Senator John McCain, former Presidential candidate and current Senator of Arizona has gone overboard on blaming the nation’s ills on the continued tide of illegal immigrants into the country. He declared that there is substantial evidence to show that wildfires in his home state have been started by people who have crossed the border illegally.

According to an official statement from his office, “for years, federal, state and local officials have stated that smugglers and illegal immigrants have caused fires on our southern border.”

Clearly, the rhetoric is aimed mainly to fan the xenophobic flames and to garner votes riding on the anti-immigrant bandwagon. There is no clear evidence to show that the current wildfires ravaging thousands of acres in Arizona have been caused by anything more than a “stray campfire”. Contrary to the speeches made by the fiery senator, Border Patrol officials and other agency heads have said that the borders are now more secure than ever before, as illegal crossings have fallen substantially.

So clearly, the substantial evidence rhetoric is nothing more than garnering political points to tow the current party line in the Republican hierarchy. The statements are nothing more than the forwarding of anti-illegal-immigrant agenda to blame the current ills that they themselves should be solving in the long run.