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As many states institutionalize anti-illegal immigration legislation, the opportunity to travel for illegal immigrants has become one of the major chokepoints for their arrest and incarceration. For an estimated eleven million illegals, the inability to move about makes life much more difficult.

In Florida, immigration agents have started to board Greyhound buses to net illegal immigrants. Nowadays, public transportation has become a favorite junction for both local and federal authorities to nab undocumented aliens.

This has become a surprising trend. According to one immigration lawyer in Florida, five of the twelve detained illegals in one day were caught in a dragnet on a Greyhound bus. All in all, nearly 20% of undocumented aliens in custody were caught on a Greyhound bus.

While many are caught, many others are opting to drive on their own, without any licenses and any accountability. This raises a greater issue: safety. Safety during travels on buses and trains becomes an issue. Another problem is safety on the road since there are individuals without the licenses driving in our nation’s highways.

It also brings an appalled sight on public transportation: an officer demanding for your papers, be you a legal or not.