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Alabama is now in the midst of passing its own version of curbing illegal immigration with the passage of the Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security of House Bill 56. This would mean that the bill would be heard in plenary session soon.

This bill is very similar to the Arizona immigration legislation, which is in a nutshell touches on the following matters:

  • Required Immigration Checks for Employees. The bill proposes that employers utilize the federal E-verify system to determine the legality of the immigration status of a current or prospective employee. If a business employs illegal aliens, then the business licenses of the company, as well other penalties would be imposed upon them.
  • Police Verification of Immigration Status. The proposed law would allow police officers to request for proof of immigration status during stops, arrest or detention when there exists a “reasonable suspicion” that the individual is an illegal alien.
  • Incarceration for Accused Illegal Aliens. When an individual’s immigration status is in question, then the suspected illegal alien would be kept in jail until such verification is completed. Another aspect of the bill would be illegal immigrants can be charged with trespassing, which is an offense carrying jail time in Alabama.
  • Transportation of Illegal Aliens. In the proposed bill, transporting illegal aliens would be considered as an offense. Even for emergency purposes, aiding and assisting known or later determined illegal aliens is now a criminal act.