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A government oversight has for its victims Filipino teachers validly hired by the State of Maryland.

Between 2004 and 2009, the Prince George County Public Schools of Maryland started to hire highly skilled teachers in order to raise the quality of teaching as well as education in the area. The teachers hired would teach high school Math, Science and English. During this period a total of 1,044 foreign teachers were hired using the H-1B visa mode to enter the country.

The new teachers easily acclimatized to the country but midstream during the hiring rush, particularly by 2006, they observed that new arrivals were told to report to a PGCPS school without definite teaching position or assignment. Others were assigned to schools that were already fully staffed, thus becoming surplusage for the school.

Then on April 4, 2011, the Department of Labor ruled that PGCPS violated labor conditions and H-1B regulations. The office found that some of the fees to be paid for by the county were passed on to the teachers, especially on H-1B processing of their visas.

Now, because of the lack of positions, the H-1B visas would be lapsing, requiring removal proceedings to be instituted against many of the hired teachers. This is where the problem lies, because of the stricter implementation of immigration rules, the innocent teachers are caught in the dragnet because of a county government’s oversight.